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About Us

About Us

Spice Star an Agri Business Trading House of Importer and Exporter Specializing in Supply Chain Management of Agro Commodities based in Dubai. Dubai is International Business Hub & Gateway to connect to the entire world trade and facilitates the supply of Multi Origin Agro Produces Specially in Spices & Seeds, Pulses, Dry fruits, Nuts and other Agro produces across the word, we have the expertise of optimum sourcing of strong and reliable direct processors exporter & having strong customers base in Asia, Middle East, Far East, African & EU countries , we are having our processing and packing set up in tune with International Quality standard in India. Spice star provide regular updates on market prices , productions , availability and International market trends also we presently supply more than 85 countries worldwide.


Spice Star Export & Imports

Spice Star is exporting to Asia, Middle East, Far East, African &European Countries, UK and USA and Importing from Asia, Africa, Far East, USA, and Latin American countries. Spice Star today is a benchmark for quality and brand value with is a name to reckon with and within the best markets of the world. Spice Star is active Members of DMCC Food Trade Group & Dubai Chamber of Commerce. UAE.

Product List

• Spices : - Cumin seeds, Turmeric, Fenugreek, Fennel, Black Cumin- Nigella seeds & Chilly Country : From India ,& Syria, Turkey and Afghanistan origin from Dubai
• Whole spices in Powder forms
• Green Cardamom – Guatemala , India origin
• Cassia Tube & Broken – China, Vietnam & Indonesia origin
• Black Pepper – Vietnam, Madaguscar, Brasil, Sri lanka origin
• Clove - Madagascar, Camaros, Sri lanka
• Oil seeds :- Sesame Seeds Natural & Hulled Sesame with 99.97% & 99.98% Premium
• Psyllium seed(Isabgul ) :- We have our own processing plant in Unjha and we can provide you Isabgul Husk & Powder from 99% , 98 & 95 Purity
All origin Sesame seeds , Mustard Seeds - Yellow / Black from Ukraine & India
• Nuts : Cashew - India & Vietnam
Almond – USA, Syria & Iran from Dubai
Peanut - Bold & Java from Indian Origin all sizes & counts Also In Shell – India & China
Blanch Penaut - Whole & Spilt from origin Indian, Brazil, China & Argentina also In shell
• Grains :- Wheat whole – India, Russia , Australia , Wheat Flour – Atta, Maida , Maize & Barley from India
• Pulses :- We can supply all kind of pulses from Canada, Australia , Uzbekistan & Africa region- Mozambique ,Malawi,
• Red Lentil – whole and football – Canada & Australia
• Chana Desi – Australia,